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your adventure package should have the lifted /torsion as is and 33's and the lower 4:1 transfer case - correct.And the 35's will weigh slightly more - find a lighter 35 and you'll be fine.Hope this helps I agree with Paul, Put 295/75R16 BFGoodrich all terrian on my 07H3, i had no suspension issues, turning issues, no lack of power, even on steep offroad conditions (some forum post claim the H3 is underpowered stock). initial stopping distance wasnt effected, if it was it wasnt noticable.

There are several good video's and you tube regarding this.....

bigger tires should be fine as most of the truck is engineered for upsized gear.

Hi everyone, i Just bought a really cool 2009 Hummer H3 last September, mine has Chrome package, 16 inches wheels and 265/75r16 tires I believe, I really want to replace my tires but I don't want to modify anything else, should I go for 315/75r16 or 305/70r16 tires?

If you want bigger tires, upgrade BOTH the wheels and tires as a unit.

Use the standard upsize formula to increase the wheel/tire combo by two inches only.

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After newer shocks i dont see any difference in how soft of a ride it is. Handles the same and if anything my steering feels lighter.

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