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In this paper, we review various quantitative models for managing supply chain risks.

We also relate various supply chain risk management (SCRM) strategies examined in the research literature with actual practices. First, we develop a unified framework for classifying SCRM articles.

Whether those high-ranking supply chain officials carry the title chief supply chain officer (CSCO), or joined the ranks as senior or executive vice president, one thing is certain: logistics leaders are influencing and even making their organizations' high-level operations decisions.

"The responsibilities are typically the same for a CSCO and other high-level supply chain leadership titles," says Neil Collins, partner and co-leader of the transportation and logistics practice at Heidrick and Struggles, an executive recruiting firm in Atlanta.

Think the center of supply chain action these days is on the loading dock, or in a back office crammed with computers? As corporate leaders come to understand the critical role supply chain operations play in a company's success, logistics is an increasingly frequent topic of boardroom discussions—and it is becoming common to find executives with supply chain or logistics titles holding a seat at the conference table.

"Companies are now vesting more power and responsibility in their supply chain executives," says Bob Heaney, senior analyst in the supply chain management practice at Boston-based Aberdeen Group.

To gain cost advantage and market share, many firms implemented various initiatives such as outsourced manufacturing and product variety.

These initiatives are effective in a stable environment, but they could make a supply chain more vulnerable to various types of disruptions caused by uncertain economic cycles, consumer demands, and natural and man-made disasters.

But this doesn't mean that operational skills are less important than in the past.Sixty-one percent said that supply chain improvements help their companies make long-term equity gains such as better customer service and increased customer loyalty.To demonstrate how companies use their supply chains to generate value, Reuben Slone, executive vice president, supply chain, at Office Max in Naperville, Ill., and co-author of , cites the example of Walmart." One reason more supply chain executives are moving into the C-suite is a growing belief that a well-run supply chain drives success not just by controlling costs, but by creating value.Supply chain improvements help increase revenues, according to 80 percent of top supply chain executives surveyed for a study published in early 2011 by SCM World, a London-based educational institute.

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Walmart's sophisticated point-of-sale and replenishment systems allowed it to keep prices low while selling high-quality merchandise, catching rivals such as Kroger and Safeway off-guard, he says.

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