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The top spot went to a Holiday Inn in Santa Monica, which makes sense, since that's the number one cheatingest 'hood in Los Angeles. According to a press release, "LA hotels no one seemed to be using included the Mondrian, the Roosevelt, and surprisingly, the Chateau Marmont." AM polled 2,768 men. In Unity, Octane Render is available for free, or at or for packages that unlock more GPUs and Octane Render plugins for leading 3D authoring tools.Octane Render arms Unity creators with greater rendering power and quality for cinematic use cases.It provides a window into your scene as viewed by a path-traced render engine.With Cinematic Rendering in Octane Render, what you see is what you get.You can find tutorials that walk you through the new workflow here.Getting started with Octane Render is easy: simply head to the Asset Store and download any of our scene packages.

In advance of next year’s Octane 4 with Brigade, our real-time path-tracer, Octane Render for Unity is limited to pre-rendered content.Many phone users have reported receiving SMS messages about a supposed ‘new photo’.The messages have the text ‘(1) new photo was received’ or similar and include a link using URL shortening service It seems that for the majority of cheaters, they're strategic enough to get creative when it comes to their extramarital liasons.“Discretion is at the heart of infidelity and it’s at the heart of Ashley Madison,” says Isabella Mise, Director of Communications at Ashley Madison.“Our members seek discretion and they find that through our service, but it does take some creativity on their end and we’re seeing that with the excuses they tell their spouses to avoid being discovered.”A private investigator recently revealed more signs you partner might be unfaithful.Currently available in beta, Live Lightmap Baking will soon be completed and launched.GPU-accelerated baking can deliver 10x the speeds of current solutions, redefining how lightmapping in Unity is done today.

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The cheating-enabling folks at married dating website Ashley have released the results of a survey in which they asked cheating men which hotels they'd gone to with their mistresses.

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  1. Rachel Mac Lynn, MD, founder of exclusive matchmaking agency, The Vida Consultancy, cut her teeth as a business psychologist and incorporates that ethos into her workings. You need to really define what that goal actually is. Whether it's IRL, online, or mobile, multi-dating is the new normal.

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  3. (Friedman derived that extraordinarily high figure by counting drunken sexual encounters between students as rape.) Amanda Marcotte, the feminist blogger briefly hired by John Edwards during his presidential campaign, chimed in, accusing Max of a “bone-deep hatred of sexual women”—and also of possible “sexual assault” because he had bragged on his website about sleeping with a drunk girl while a friend hidden in a closet filmed the encounter. Next to her story she posted a photograph of her with Max that she had a friend take at the bar.

  4. Morris solved that problem with the Interrotron, an ingenious bit of camera-rig design:illustrations by © Steve Hardie By shooting through a simple two-way mirror with a video monitor mounted under the camera lens, Morris can film his subject and make eye contact with him/her from the exact same angle. The real genius of the Interrotron is that it’s a two-way street: the same mechanism gives the interviewee continuous eye contact with Morris, as well.

  5. Joslyn and I had our one-on-one date last night and things went a little further than we had planned,” he says in Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek […] Is Jim Levenstein making a comeback? The actor has revealed that a fifth film was written years ago — but he’s heard radio silence ever since.