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mt DNA haplogroup A which is widespread in Asia today occurs at levels below 10%, but reaches higher concentrations in some parts of China, Korea and Japan.

“Some ethnic Chinese populations, such as the Dong and the Yi, carry haplogroup A at levels as high as 30%.

One branch of the haplogroup, A4, reaches levels of more than 15% among mitochondrial DNA samples collected in the city of Wuhan in central China Ancient mt DNA in Siberia Haplogroup A was widespread in Siberia in ancient times.

One study of skeletal remains discovered near Siberia's Lake Baikal estimated the haplogroup was present in 13-26% of the region's population 7,000 years ago, and is almost exclusively among the Chukchi and the Yupik, two small indigenous groups from northeastern Siberia.

Haplotypes constructed from Y-chromosome markers were used to trace the paternal origins of Korean.

By using 38 Y chromosome single nucleotide polymorphism markers, the genetic structure of 195 Korean males was analyzed.

( Historical records suggest that Tibetan populations were derived from ancient tribes of northwestern China that subsequently moved to the south and mixed with the southern natives in the last 3,000 years.) A separate recent mt DNA study on the Haplogroup M12 – the mitochondrial component of Japanese genes, the counterpart of Y chromosome D lineage – also confirmed the direct connections of Japanese haplotypes with Tibet.

M9, which appears to have arisen in Tibet.] While Haplogroup M is widespread throughout South and East Asia, it originates from the Indian sub-continent where it is more diverse on there than anywhere else in the world.

Overall, Japanese are closest to Tibetans and Han Chinese, but only marginally more so than to the Koreans.

The Ainu who are widely considered to be of the “old” proto-Mongoloid stock closely related to the Tibetan Buryat and Yakut peoples, and descended from the Jomon people who lived in the Tohoku area until they were later pushed northwards into Hokkaido, afterwhich they resided around the Sea of Okhotsk, mainly Hokkaido, Sakhalin, Kuril Islands and the tip of Kamchatka.

However, the DNA sequences show that Ainu are actually more remotely distanced from the Jomon than is commonly believed, as they were influenced by Siberians (as with Koreans).

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